The Black Keys – Tighten Up

June 30, 2015

Well this is just adorable. And the band is awesome. Someone called them “this generation’s Rolling Stones.” Favorite line: “But he smells like ranch dressing!” Loading…


“Pocketful Of Diamonds” by the Delevantes

March 5, 2015

Two brothers front this band, Mike and Bob Delevantes, from New Jersey, the sons and grandsons of General Motors workers. You can tell from the video that they grew up playing music together. Everyone looks so relaxed, they’ve done this for years. … the Delevantes released their debut album, Long About That Time, in 1995….

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“Burning Down The House” by Talking Heads

March 4, 2015

The Internet was not built for trivial reasons. It was, in fact, built to facilitate the sharing of important scientific information and pictures of naked women. But it has greatly expanded beyond its original purpose. And every day we find new reasons to love it. Today, we’re loving it because it has solved one of…

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Ode an die Freude ( Ode to Joy ) Beethoven Symphony No.9

September 3, 2014

This will lift your spirits: a bass player walks out into a public square and puts his top hat on the ground. He stands, bow at the ready, waiting. A young girl walks up and drops some money into the hat. He begins to play. As he continues, a cellist joins him. A few moments…

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